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Boosting Your Business with SEO

Internet marketing

Running a business is no small undertaking. You have to worry about inventories, employee management, customer service, and a mountain of other responsibilities. This makes it almost too easy to overlook the most vital aspect of staying afloat: marketing.

Outbound leads, such as cold calling or sending out flyers, had a significant impact 15 years ago, but today, they fall flat. The modern consumer finds everything they are looking for through search engines like Google, and they rarely look past the first page of results. One solution that may come to mind is to buy a spot in the sponsored results. Before you do though, you should consider that a vast majority of your potential customers will ignore these in favor of organic results. In fact, 42 percent of users all click the top ranking organic link. This phenomenon is growing more prevalent every day. By next year, more people will browse the web on mobile devices than on personal computers, which means more frequent web usage and more opportunity to reach out.

The best way to draw in new business today is with search engine optimization, or Seo tools. SEO is a relatively new kind of inbound lead that stands head and shoulders above the rest. It boosts your website up in the Google rankings to put you on the front page where you belong by identifying common search terms that are associated with your business. These terms are then incorporated into a series of regularly updated articles and blogs that get posted right to your website. This kind of online marketing not only costs 61 percent less than outbound leads, it brings with it a 14.6 percent close rate. This is definitely preferable to the 1.7 percent you get with outbound leads.

Google has a substantial presence in modern society. They get global recognition for things as small as their first tweet, which was binary code for “Im feeling lucky”. The best way to let customers know that you not only exist, but offer the best product or service around, is to get on the front page with Seo tools. Try it today to see the results for yourself.


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