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Businesses Looking to Climb the Search Engine Results Rankings Can Hire Marketing Companies Offering Search Engine Optimization Programs

Search engine optimization

Marketing has always been the number one way to lead businesses to gaining exposure and subsequent success. Over the years, marketing has gone through an evolution. Much like most other aspects of society, the business marketing of today relies heavily on the use of the World Wide Web. Since so many daily processes take place online now, online marketing has quickly proven itself to be the most effective form of business marketing.

Search engines such as Google are some of the most powerful presences online. Google has become so well known for its wide reach across the web with features such as the Google doodle, which dates back to 1998 where the very first doodle was made, depicting the Burning Man. Google then made its presence known in the social media sector of the Web on February 26th of 2009, when it sent out its very first tweet, which was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.”

Because of how frequently used Google is by all Internet users, Google rankings for search results have become very important to businesses. As a means of enabling businesses to be seen easily in the Google rankings, online marketing companies developed the strategy of search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. SEO tools provide a business with custom content that contains key words and phrases that are commonly used during searches for related goods and services.

Since 2012, over 70 million people are using cellphones or tablets to shop for products online. Studies have shown that between 70 and 80 percent of search engine users ignore paid ads and only click the organic results that are returned. This is why SEO tools are effective, as they provide original content that is organic. According to 52 percent of B2B marketers, SEO tools have the largest influence on their lead generation. So for businesses that are looking to see more success, Seo marketing strategies may be able to provide them with new leads who may become new customers.

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