Do Bionic Metal Hoses Work? – Remodeling Magazine

WYFF News 4 tests whether or not the Bionic Metal Hose works as described.

This Bionic Metal Hose is a sort of corrugated metal hose one that is made of a thinly-walled tube which has annular or helical corrugations that are part of its design. Its construction is designed to prevent compression under pressure. It is used for the transfer of very hot liquid and steam. It can also be used to transfer hot oil and other fluids, and is employed by multiple industries such as cryogenics and petro-chemical.

The first test performed was trying to saw through the hose using a tool made of metal. The hose was not removed despite some scratches. A second test was done to verify if it could be used using a shovel. The results showed that although it was evident that the exterior layer the tube was taken off but the inside layer was unaffected, and therefore it was in use.

Moving the hose’s head was the ultimate test. Despite a bit of bending but the product worked.

So, in the end Bionic Metal Hose works on just about every aspect, but don’t accidently dig up through the hose with a gardening shovel. qmoqcnu9af.

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