Driver Attempts to Drive Into Tornado – The Film Frame

Storm chasers must have the courage to do so. Storm chasers intentionally put themselves in danger to get invaluable data and record storms. It is hoped that this data will lead to better tornado predictions in the future to prevent deaths and injuries. Some storm chasers chase tornadoes simply for the thrill of it. In this video you’ll see a variety of storm chasers make a dangerous gamble with their lives.

Even tiny tornadoes can cause much destruction. The roof may require the roof fixed. They’re capable of cutting off shingles or planks from roofing. Additionally, they can collect pieces of wood or metal and scatter them in the speed of light. They are dangerous to anyone who comes too close. Two storm chasers risk getting near a tornado in this video. The tornado is moving across the road right in front them, one of the passengers asks the driver to speed up. The driver still refuses to slow down, but the passenger insists. The driver then decides to make a move towards the tornado. They’re close to the tornado at one point. Lighter pieces of debris are being thrown down from the skies surrounding them. It was a blessing that the vortex failed to launch dangerous objects into at them.


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