For Context Who Makes Money From Bail Bonds? – Kingdom Gold

The video from CNBC “Who is the person who earns money off bail?” explains how law can charge someone accused of an offense to help them get free from jail. The money is kept as collateral to ensure that the individual doesn’t miss to show in court for their hearing.

They are generally viewed as negative because they penalize those with a low situation who’s unable to finance bail. This leaves individuals with the choice to await trial while in jail for weeks or sometimes, months. Many people view the bail bond as a bad thing, since they promote social injustice in the justice process especially for people who are financially poor. Losing jobs, ownership of housing, and custody of children are just some of the outcomes that one might receive if they are sentenced to an entire day or two in prison. Anyone who isn’t considered to be a danger to others could be in jail if they do not have sufficient funds to pay for bailout.

Numerous states are beginning to modify the method by which they jail people. They are working to reform the way they conduct themselves to ensure that all are protected and can be held innocent. yzrw2teoau.

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