Getting Too Close to a Tornado – Entertainment Videos

He was chased by the raging tornado that was sweeping through Gilmore City, Iowa. This destructive tornado cause lots of destruction. It also damaged a barn’s roof. There will be urgent roof repairs following this catastrophe. This video will show you the damage and tornadoes up close.

Storm chasers take risks to record vital data and collect scientific information about tornadoes. Scott is struggling to find his vehicle when he notices the tornado moving towards him. It appears that this tornado is quite large. This storm chaser is close enough to actually see the dust that is being pulled into the tornado. It’s an incredibly amazing sight. The storm crosses the road before crashing into a barn in the video. A few of the siding and roof sections were removed and scattered around. Some of the debris lands just a few feet away from the determined storm chaser. It seems like the tornado is about to hit a semi truck at some point. However, the truck was not able to reach the semi-truck in time.


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