Golf Cart Accessories That Can Change the Way You Play – 610 Sports Radio

This article will be beneficial to anyone looking for the best equipment for their golf carts. This list includes all indispensable items that are required for golf. Beetol’s mirror for the rear is an initial item within the category of accessories for golf carts. It has a strong curving iron bracket which allows users to choose the desired height and angle. The mirror is 16.5×3.2 inches. It has an elongated shape which gives the view of 180 degrees.
The other is an Arctic zone titan cooler. perfect for those who enjoy having a beverage in their bag, as it is equipped with a 16-can capacity of thick high-density insulation (FDA certified) with a durable inside wall with a body made of plastic. Its exterior is waterproof and stain resistant, and has the ability to wipe clean.
With five cup holders measuring 3.5 inches, the Buggies Unlimited Dash organizer ranks third on our list of accessories. Fourth comes the Caddie buddy professional mount for smartphones that can be rotated in both directions. Additionally, it comes with ball markers and the ability to use a pencil. An Landairsea GPS tracker is the fifth option, and comes with a lifetime warranty, capable of producing drivers’ behavior reports. ftrlz2kttf.

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