How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues


Many studies have revealed that manual dexterity- the ability to manage hand-eye coordination diminishes as we age. For example, a study in the Frontiers in Neurology Journal found that hand dexterity diminished when cognitive decline was occurring. People who are older may find it difficult to complete simple tasks, for example, changing the knob on the door.

In the design of any room, such as apartments for parents who are elderly, it would help to think about the fact the fact that their manual dexterity is likely to diminish. It is important to make it easy for them. As an example, put lever-style hardware on doors, rockers knobs, as well as faucets. It’s a way to ensure that your parents who are getting old, don’t need to call you every time there’s an issue.

2. As we age, accidents and falls are more frequent.

One of the greatest challenges that aging brings is the possibility of slips and falls. The CDC estimates that one out of four seniors falls each year. However, most senior people don’t inform their doctor about it. What is the most likely reason for seniors to get injured? Below are some of the elements that make it more likely that seniors fall

Insufficient levels of Vitamin D could cause hearing loss and visual impairments, and lower back pain.

Consider improving the lighting in your home for senior citizens. It is harder to maintain stability in spaces with inadequate lighting such as hallways as well as steps. This is especially the case when considering hearing or visual problems result of aging.

A flooring remodel is another possibility. It’s a great idea to use the most non-slip flooring you are able to. Flooring that is non-slip can be utilized in kitchens and bathrooms as an example.

3. Maybe it’s not so straightforward to wash as it was in the past.

The elderly may be able to complete tasks of daily living (ADL) which is why you should care for them. They may have an experience that is different when it comes to bathing than those who know how to enter and out of the water.


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