How to Budget for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project – House Killer


Change the look of your oom. The majority of homeowners dream of luxurious bathrooms, but they fail to realize the price. Home Advisor estimates that the average cost of a bathroom renovation is $11,206. From this amount, 40 to 65 percent will be paid for labor, based on location. The average cost of bathroom remodels in Flint is $6,000, while Portland’s average is $14,556.

Apart from labor, material also have an impact on the cost of the project. Appliances and finishes that are middle-range vary from $2,000 to $3000 While luxury and customized products can increase costs in the thousands. Choose the best materials depending on the amount you can pay for. Budgets should not be more than 5-10% of the home’s value. Keeping this in mind can help one plan within their budget but it is important to use 20% of the budget to cover unexpected costs. Homeowners can expect to recover between 57% to 64% for remodeling costs for bathrooms.


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