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When it comes to knowing the best way to safeguard your company from legal action, you must be aware of the fees that you may charge tenants to avoid straying into dangersome areas. Condominiums may be subject to the cost of parking, as well as HOA dues. These fees can serve as a source of funding for making sure your property is up to code and habitable. An Miami condominium was sued over giving tenants a transfer cost which was non-refundable in the event that they sought to lease a unit. The condo association settled the case for $300,000. This is because condo associations cannot cost more than $100 for couples or individuals who want to buy, rent or transfer their units.

This is against the law, which could result in severe consequences. It is important to work with your lawyer to understand the fees you can legally implement so that you don’t wind up with a costly lawsuit with your own hands.

Other Steps to Protect Your Company from Lawsuits

As you learn to guard your company from legal action There are some principles that are universal regardless of what field you are in.

Maintain records and write everything on paper

Written agreements that spell out the agreement of all parties can be a lifesaver — and also a cost-cutting toolin order to avoid lawsuits or win them.

In the process of drafting documents or contracts when drafting documents or contracts, you must work closely with your lawyer. In this way, you can be sure that everything you ask for and request is within the legal framework. Also, you should have your lawyer review all contracts and documents and check to make sure there’s no loopholes that could be exploited and exploited. Use clear and simple terminology to make sure that nothing is able to be mistakenly understood. Maintain copies of everything in an the most accessible and easily accessible place. Make sure that everything is accurately dated in order to ensure there will there be no miscommunication later. q9k7rb1cz9.

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