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ibes how to replace prop shaft seals from outboard carburetors. First, he will remove the Allen screw which is what holds everything. After that, he utilizes an Mercury special tool to take off the locking rings. It is then used the flathead screwdriver in order to pull back the tab that locks and then pull the cover nut back into the case of the gear. It is normal to use the use of a half-inch ratchet. The way he goes about it is in a manual manner. After that, he employs a puller to free the bearing carrier out of the gear box.

Mike removes the gear to remove the shaft seals. Then, he scrubs the bore and places Loctite in it. Next, he inserts the seal’s outer part in position with the lips facing away and then presses it in place with an Mercury seal-installation tool. He does the same thing for the inside seal.

Mike adds a mixture of Mercury 24c and synthetic gear lube and applies it to the bearing. The thrust washer gets placed over the bearing, then he drops it in place. Then, he inserts the o-ring, washer, and gear in the car. After that, he seals the Mercury’s flawlessly and repairs the outboard carburetor. o567xnzt8a.

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