How to Sweep Your Own Chimney – DIY Projects for Home

It is essential to prevent chimney fireplaces from catching fire. This is why hiring a chimney sweep to complete the task is an ideal choice. If you’d rather do it yourself, then this is the way to do it.

You will first need to go up to the roof.

First, determine the dimensions and shape of your chimney. Many hardware stores sell chimney brushes made of steel for around $20. They will fit snugly inside the chimney.

A rod of fiberglass will be required to join your brush to allow it to go to the bottom of the chimney. Each rod measures four feet in length and cost about $8 each, so think about buying a few of these.

To ensure that no debris gets in your house, be sure that your fireplace’s doors are locked. Next, climb up onto your roof to remove the chimney cap. Once you have that removed, place your brush into the chimney and slowly work downwards, vigorously rubbing. The fiberglass rods should be connected as you need them until you reach the lowest point.

You can clean your chimney with a shop vacuum.


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