Learn How to Remove Shingles Before Doing Any Roof Repair – Do it Yourself Repair


A sheet might need to be changed. The first step is to take off any previous shingles prior to being able to put in the new ones. YouTube’s creator Gary Jones tells you how remove old roof shingles.

It’s safer to let commercial roofing contractors do the work if you aren’t familiar with roofing or have balance problems.

A flat bar with a flat edge, a tool to cut the shingles an assortment of pliers, and an edged knife with a retractable edge are all needed. Every shingle is typically made up of shingles. You have to remove the entire sheet in order to remove your damaged shingle. For a clear view of the connections to the roof, raise the shingle gently with the flatbar. The most common method is using roofing staples. You can remove the staples by placing the flat bar under the staple and then tapping the Hammer. When the staples have begun to removed, they will be loose. with pliers.

Shingle sheets that are seriously damaged are easily removed without the need to take any staples or nail. There are shingles that you might need to remove, which you would do with your utility knife.

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