The Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction – Free Health Videos

sue for older men, in general. High blood pressure, for instance, is a frequent issue and is usually linked with age. This article will give more details on the causes behind ED and the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

As we’ve mentioned that cardiovascular diseases are an issue that is common to both men and women with age. Other surgeries and treatment are another reason for ED. In the case of one is diagnosed by a doctor with prostate canceror another regular illness, they could have to undergo radiation therapy. This could also lead to ED.

The oral agents are typically recommended for males with difficulty getting and maintaining their erection. The oral agent works for around 50 to 70% of males, which means you may require other methods.

All activities that increase blood flow is a great way to help men stay get erect and have an effective erection. Cardiovascular exercise, for example can be a fantastic way to reduce ED. Diet can also help. It is also possible to inject medications and they may sound scary, however they can be very beneficial.

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