The Role of a Respiratory Therapist – Health and Fitness Magazine

The effects of surgery or trauma.
The respiratory therapist assists in the coordination of the care of patients as well as managing medical equipment in procedures and tests that are related to the lungs and airways. This job requires that you perform your duties in many environments and work with patients suffering from different injuries or illnesses. Therapists who specialize in respiratory therapy spend the majority of their time in hospitals as well as medical offices. However, some travel may be required to train or for treating patients at their home.
Respiratory Therapists are in charge of diagnosing the condition of patients, providing treatments and tests such as oxygen therapy, suctioning the airways, and assisting patients to exercise in order to strengthen their muscles. A respiratory therapist also instructs caregivers and families the proper care to give to patients. They learn how administer medication or various other procedures that help in improving the health and quality of life.
The respiratory therapists typically work with medical professionals including nurses, physicians as well as physical therapy. They could work in several parts of the hospital based upon their specialization. 2skvxvl4uk.

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