Watching Out for Ailments in Dogs – Discovery Videos

This YouTube video explains heartworm disease.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. An insect drinks water from an animal that is infected and takes in a few heartworms that are young. These young heartworms then get absorbed by the mosquito. If they’re mature, they’ll be released into an insect’s mouth. Once the mosquito bites you dog, the juvenile heartworms get released into the dog’s bloodstream. They travel to the heart and expand and eventually kill your pet because they block the blood vessels and blood vessels that surround the heart.

One of the first signs of heartworm is a chronic, low cough. An additional sign to look out for is your dog may be significantly longer tired than usual. If your dog behaves differently or even acts in a minor manner, it’s an indication to bring your pet to the veterinarian.

Although adult heartworms can be controlled, treatment can be costly and difficult. Fortunately, you can protect your pet by feeding him an annual heartworm prevention medication chew. Also, there is a novel injectable drug that’s prescribed by your vet at least each year, either once or twice. u71wnlzkob.

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