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Did you know that around 92 percent of adults who use the internet in America perform at least one search every day? Search engines dominate the internet marketing field, and Google rankings, as well as rankings on other search engines, are incredibly important as they dictate which companies people will be linked up with for their various needs.

Typically, inbound leads like search engine optimization cost roughly 61 percent less than outbound leads like cold calling. Search engine optimization and other SEO tools greatly affect how companies gain exposure to the public, and more and more, SEO tools are becoming more complex and widespread.

For instance, one of the top SEO tools is mobile website optimization. In

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Search Engine Rankings

Seo tools

So, just how important are search engine rankings? And more importantly, why are they important to the success of your business website? You might be very interested to know that three quarters, that is 75 percent, of Internet search engine user will never go past the first page of search results. So it makes sense that if you do not appear on that first page of search engine rankings, you will not be seeing too many visitors to your websites.

You may think that you can buy those paid listings that appear on the top of the page. Sure, of course you can, but you may be interested to know that between 70 and 80 percent of search engine users do not pay attention or click on those paid results. Instead, they prefer to choose organic search results. Additionally, organic click throughs generate a 25 percent higher con

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