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    Online Marketing for Your Business

    There are more than 100 billion online searches being done across the globe each month. When an online search is done, where a website shows up in the search engine rankings can make a big difference. Many companies are raising the search engine rankings of their websites by the use of search engine optimization or Seo marketing. SEO uses high quality website content and the strategic placement of key terms to help websites show up higher on the list of online search results. Inbound leads, such as those which are generated from SEO, cost less than cold calling and other outbound leads. T

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    3 Important SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Own

    Google may appear to the average Internet user to be a search engine giant that reportedly uses goats for mowing their front lawn, but they are more than that to small businesses. Small businesses view Google as a marketing tool. Small businesses can use a number of different SEO tools to help increase their search engine ranking. The higher a website ranks on Google rankings, the more potential customers it will receive. Small businesses that are interested in SEO marketing may want to consider investing in the following Seo tools. 1. A reliable, accurate keyword sea