How to Choose a Headstone – Family Issues Online

You must make your request within 3 to 6 months after the completion of your grieving process.

There are plenty of concerns regarding foundations that affect burials. There shouldn’t be any issue. It’s possible to place it at the top. Concrete foundations are essential as it helps hold granite solidly in.

Regarding the monument’s size The size of the monument is determined by each cemetery’s regulations. That also goes for the form, because some cemeteries only allow flat bronze markers. However, it is possible to have any style of headstone that you prefer with the choice of a dozen different colors, with the most common designs being those with a serpentine top and an oval-shaped top.

Granite is a great alternative because it’s not fading. It is possible to polish the headstone for ease of cleaning process.

There’s a range of 3 to 5 months for the time it takes. Granite imports play a role in the setting of the foundation and letters.

The average price for bronze monuments runs from $1700 up to $4000. Granite is just half the price. Your monument will last so long as you keep it in good condition. Make sure to clean the stone using detergent and stay clear of waxes or oils. taeip7wd5t.

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