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m a dumpster rental. Read on to learn what can be disposed using a dumpster rental.

The majority of non-hazardous trash and junk are accepted in dumpsters. Clothes, equipment, construction debris, demolition debris, dirt, furniture, general trash, paper , shingles wood, toys, and yard waste are only a few types of things that could go in a dumpster rental.

In the case of appliances the dumpster rental service can take refrigerators, ac units, washers, and dryers however all dangerous fluids like freon must be removed first. An HVAC specialist is required to remove freon from an ac.

A dumpster rental is an excellent option if you are a homeowner with electronics like a printer, computer or tv. For larger qualities of these objects, such as an office cleaning with 50 computers and a couple of printers, you could need to recycle the electronics as electronic waste. The dumpster rental service is ready to assist you in case you are they are not sure.

Check out the video below to find out more about what you can rent a dumpster for.


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