Watch These Porch Pirates Get Caught Red-Handed – Entertainment Videos

Each year, there are packages to be delivered. This is now becoming increasingly popular for porch pirates to steal packages. This video shows some porch pirates getting found red-handed. The reactions of these people are incredible. The criminals are likely to require bailbonds to get out of prison.

The most funny clip is of a porch pirate sporting an orange t-shirt. When he sees that the homeowner is watching the porch, he attempts to steal the parcel. The box is then put on his desk . Then he calls the door of the homeowner. When the homeowner answers with a fake smile, he says he’s providing a lawn cutting service her lawn. All of the conversation can be recorded by the camera that monitors.

Another funny instance is the child’s attempt to steal an item but the security camera tells them that it is recording. He seems uncomfortable and disoriented. He stares at the camera and claims that he was simply joking. He then proceeds to knock on the door several times to inquire if someone is in the house. He doesn’t know what he was thinking of saying if anyone were at home.


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