What is a Wheel Repair? – Car Dealer A

Learn to fix common wheel damage.

Damage to potholes, especially in the northeast, is quite common. In the event of a damaged pothole and the wheel becomes bent, it’s at the inside of its lip which is typically not noticeable. This type of repair involves mounting the wheel onto an instrument that straightens it and slowly pulls the wheel. When it is within twenty thousandths of an inch, or an exact circle the wheel is then remounted and balanced. The car can now drive on the road as if it was it was brand new with no vibrations.

Wheel repairs that aren’t necessary, especially not pothole damage, are DIY. The most common method used to seek to fix this kind of damage is strike the wheel by hammer. This can cause more damage to the wheel because the aluminum will not take kindly to being hit with a sharp blow.

A different type of injury can be scratching or scuffing the wheel. This is typically due to parallel parking. The damage can also be corrected by a skilled professional. They’ll be able to smooth the scratch and coat the wheel back to it’s original hue.

For more information on wheel repair, see the following video!


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